A ‘squee’ moment

When Jim Beaver @jumblejim  <aka Bobby Singer on Supernatural> announded a few hours ago on Twitter that he was coming back to the show for season 9, I honest to God had an actual ‘fangirl’ moment. I damn near fell off the couch!! ~lol~ Some people scream about ‘spoilers’ but you know what? In this day and age you just have to take it as a given that spoilers for everything are everywhere these days. You can ignore it, but you can’t evade it, I just roll with it…nice to have tidbits of information, makes me look forward to seeing things for myself.  I look at ‘spoilers’ like enhancers to the overall experience, good for trivia and for making conversation.  They’re only as big a deal as you make them out to be. Instead of whining about them, if they upset you so much, ignore them and move on.  Seriously.  Before I start shooting you for annoying me.  <sigh>


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