Dean and Cas meeting again in Season 9 for the first time since the fall

Dean: Cas! (hugs him) Man, You’ve no idea how good it is to see you again.
Cas: Dean…? (peers closer and then blinks rapidly, as if in recognition) You’re Dean. This is… this is you. Dean.
Dean: Cas, you okay? You’re not scrambled in the noggin again, are you?
Cas: I’m not – my “noggin” isn’t “scrambled”. I just – I never knew you looked like this.
Dean: Cas, you’ve seen me on many occasions for the past four years. Don’t tell me you don’t know what I looked like. Last I checked, you have working eyes. (suddenly worried) Your eyes are fine, right?
Cas: My eyes are fine, Dean. But… this is new. (fingers reach up to brush over Dean’s features)
Dean: (a little uncomfortable but not shying away) Cas?
Cas: (fingers still gently touching Dean’s face) I used to see your soul only. It was easy to see you then, I can – could – see you anywhere in a room. Bright, warm, pure, painful sometimes, and so much guilt and regret, and so much good. I never knew you looked like this. I feel like…
Dean: Like what, Cas?
Cas: I don’t know. Like I know you and yet I don’t know you at the same time. (fingers slowly drop) Hello, Dean.


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