From the journal of Maggie Connors…

“God, I’m so tired of life on the road. Bad diner food, crappy motel rooms, creepy guys hitting on me in convenience stores at 3 in the morning…I miss Grams. She could be a bitch sometimes, but at least no one ever tried to mess with me when she was around. Losing her was even worse than losing Mom and Dad.  I don’t remember them much…the car wreck was so long ago, but Grams? That was just brutal. All I’ve got left is the truck, the boxes with Grams’ books, and that old wooden chest with the double locks that no keys will fit. Grams was adamant that I should never let anyone near it, insisted that someday the contents could save my life…I don’t see how but I’ll do what she wanted. She’d been right  before about some pretty crazy stuff…”

(Excerpt from ‘Silver Falls’ the first story in the Adept Arcana saga)

Author: Storm Benedict ©


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