From the journal of Maggie Connors…:

“I had that dream again. The one I call the Red Dream. I’m in the forest, and it’s not dark, but it’s not light…everything is cast in a crimson glow that comes from no where and everywhere. It’s so quiet, you can hear the trees breathing…I’m alone, but I’m not afraid.  And then…*he* is there, the Wolf. Fur black as pitch, eyes green as emeralds. He turns, looks over his shoulder, and walks away down the path that spears straight into the heart of the woods. I don’t know why, but I’m compelled to follow him. It’s a force I can’t resist, and I don’t. I never do. I follow the Wolf deeper into the breathing forest, then we enter a space…not a clearing…it feels almost more like entering a vast hall. The towering trees line the sides, close ordered and dense, overhead, their branches arch and intertwine, forming the ‘roof’ of this place. The ground beneath my feet is thickly carpeted in crimson leaves that make no sound as I walk over them.  The Wolf stops at the far end, and he is looking at me…there is such compassion in those eyes, and a great sadness.  It makes my heart ache, and I don’t know why.

Then…the Wolf is not alone. Flanking him on either side is a tall man, one as gloriously golden as the Sun, with blond hair that falls down his back in a waterfall of gold and white, and blue eyes so bright it’s like looking into the heart of the sun…the other is as dark as the other is fair. Black hair brushes his broad shoulders, framing a face carved from stone with the most beautiful bones I’ve ever seen…and eyes like silver pools of moonlight that one could drown in. Both of them are looking at me with identical expressions…they want me.  They want *me*. Their hunger makes me shiver, and for the first time, I begin to feel afraid. The forest is no longer silent, a breeze whispers through through their branches, sighing, calling my name…my heart is racing, I want to run from this place, but I can’t move. “Choose…you must Choose…” it winds up and down my spine, making me shiver even harder. I fall to my knees, and all I can do is stare at the Wolf, MY wolf, I think, and wish with all my heart that he could save me from this place and this time…” …

Excerpt from ‘Silver Falls’ – book 1 of the Adept Arcana saga

Author: Storm Benedict (C) Copyright Storm Benedict All rights reserved


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